Limestone caves in Nayadera of Baratang Island are one of the major attractions of the region. A great natural wonder that draws many visitors to Baratang. The beauty of these caves is unimaginable. The stalactites and stalagmites which have withstood the natural process of erosion over time form different interesting shapes and figures.
The site is reachable by sea within 50 mins. Regular boat services are available from Baratang and the boat trip through the middle of the mangrove forest is simply awesome. It is dark inside the caves, so one needs to carry torchlight.

Genral Information

Location: Nearest to Baratang Jetty, Andaman
Timings: ---
Closed on: ---
Ferry Ticket Details: (a) Adult: Rs. 250/- per person
(b) Child: Below 5 years no ticket.
Video Camera : No Charge
Still Camera : No Charge
How to Reach : It is connected by road from hotel and reach to Baratang Jetty and from jetty you have to take Fiber boat which takes 20 minutes from Jetty to reach there.

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