Sport Fishing


Fishing in the untouched reefs of the Andaman Islands, for long inaccessible and untouched this Island group is the last frontier for true big game sport fishing. These tropical islands of rainforest, mangroves and deep drop offs, makes an ideal location for any form of saltwater angling.
Our associates Sea Fishing India Pvt. Ltd., Monster Fishing and Surmai Fishing Club offer sport fishing from Port Blair and Havelock Island with their 23 feet and 30 feet boats with a capacity to carry 3 anglers and 4 anglers at a time for day fishing. The boats are equipped with a pair of 75 HP and 225 hp Yamaha outboard engine to offer a comfortable 20 knots cruise. These boats are suitable for stand-up type fishing and they are equipped with GPS, VHF and Sounder.

Sport Fishing

Extreme Long Range Deep Sea Fishing: up to 60 mile radius of Port Blair, Depart 07.00 Return 17.00. 48,000 INR per boat day, on board meals & water included.
Mid Range Off Shore Fishing: up to 30 mile Radius of Port Blair, depart 08.00 return 17.00, 37,500 INR per boat day, on board meals & water included.
In Shore Sea Fishing: Up to 20 mile radius of Port Blair, depart 08.30 return 17.00, 30,600 INR per boat day, bait, onboard meals & water included.

Fun Fishing

The best time to dive the Andaman Islands is February and March. Our peak season is from November until Mid April. The second week of May brings in the monsoon season.

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