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Andaman and Nicobar islands are an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal covering roughly 300 islands; beautifully bordered by the palm-lined beaches, coral reefs, pearls, white sandy beaches and azure water of the sea that allure you come and join the Andaman tour packages. You need to pick such package dealers that offer you best at reasonable rates and we have those packages to cater you great with best packages deals via Andaman Nicobar tourism. If you start your Andaman tour journey from the sea cities of Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakhapatnam you will automatically have the entire cruise benefits plan via Aandaman Nicobar tourism. Our Andaman cruise package caters you in terms of an actual ship journey that have all the options of entertainment, including water adventures of sightseeing, fishing and delicious Seafoods in a cruise. We also have available discounts and offer, according to the season and festivals that attract you positively to revive your body, mind and soul.

Why should you pick our Andaman Cruise Packages that have many attractions with Andaman Nicobar Tourism are described below:-

1. Chennai to Andaman by Ship Facilities: We Andaman Nicobar tourism offers you deluxe facilities and services of a cruise from Chennai to Andaman at an affordable price that is all unique in the travel industry in the context of services from others and we are also offering the amenities of your entertaining joyrides, including quality food of all categories and mobile and internet facilities. It takes nearly 2 and half days to reach Port Blair from Chennai and your journey will be full entertaining with awesome sightseeing and water bodies’ adventures by cruise. We are offering you class one services, deluxe amenities, tasty food and charges are very reasonable that suit you with your budget.

2. Cruise to Dream Islands Destination in Andaman: Whether your cruise journey starts from Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakhapatnam, you will get the benefits of total package benefits of Andaman cruise packages with Andaman Nicobar tourism. There are about five to six sailings a month from Chennai, four from Kolkata and one a month from Vishakhapatnam. The sea voyage from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam takes around three to four days to reach the capital Port Blair of Andaman Nicobar Islands. You will feel like your home inside the cruise and have all the needed facilities and amenities during your whole cruise journey to Andaman.

3. Quality service with loyal Representatives: We Andaman Nicobar tourism offers you quality service of cruise journey to Andaman with our loyal and helpful hospitality staffs that assist and co-operate in a very positive way. Our representatives will take your all needs, including your health information and assessment that is mandatory if you are plannig for scuba diving or other water adventures. You will feel like your home and without any hesitations can ask any questions of our representatives regarding the destination information and precautions before water adventures in Andaman.

4. Reasonable Charges for Cruising in Andaman: We are taking very little charges from our clients and offer the best cruising in Andaman with all the needed facilities and amenities with your budget. If you have any queries or demand, kindly call on 9873734364 for more details.

Cruise on Board

It is well furnished with Lights & Design to admire the state of art in itself with wide space for movement; one can enjoy the Cool Bar & Ice Cream Parlor inside, Wafers stuff also available with attractive & nominal prices.

From Depatures time To Arrival Time
Port Blair 07:30 Hrs Havelock 09:00 Hrs
Port Blair 07:30 Hrs Neil 10:15 Hrs
Havelock 09:30 Hrs Neil 10:15 Hrs
Havelock 09:30 Hrs Port Blair 12:00 Hrs
Neil 10:40 Hrs Port Blair 12:00 Hrs
Port Blair 13:15 Hrs Havelock 14:45 Hrs
Havelock 15:30 Hrs Neil 16:15 Hrs
Port Blair 13:15 Hrs Havelock 16:15 Hrs
Havelock 15:30 Hrs Port Blair 18:00 Hrs
Neil 16:45 Hrs Port Blair 18:00 Hrs

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